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For all of your Premium Pet Food, Pet Health and Grooming supplies. We offer a wide selection of Horse Feed, Custom Deer Feed and Corn & Oats. We also carry Show Feed and a whole lot more. Stop in and check out our pet clothes and toys in our expanded Pet Department!   



 Maximize your garden potential by knowing your soil nutrients, soil testing done on site. Get it evaluated with advice to correct any of your soil conditions. Natural and organic fertilizer and soil.

Fox Farm


FoxFarm's Ocean Forest soil is ready to use right out of the bag. This soil's light texture and optimal aeration makes it ideal for container plantings. Ocean Forest contains earthworm castings, bat guano, and micronutrients. Nourish your garden with this premium blend of good things from the earth and sea. Then to keep your plants growing big and healthy use FoxFarm's Big Bloom it is a 100% natural and organic, biologically alive formula that serves as an instant plant food.

Big Bloom will dramatically enhance flavor and fragrance. It also promotes strong, extra-large multiple blooms and will not burn plants. Big Bloom may be used in combination with Tiger Bloom fertilizer. See for yourself -- and your plants -- why FoxFarm's Big Bloom is considered the best of the best!



Wild Birding A Hobby For All Seasons



The average backyard may be visited by 15-20 different bird species. However, a bird-friendly yard can attract up to 60 or more different species. To attract the greatest number of bird species, just provide these habitat elements: food, water, cover and a place to raise their young.

To find out more information the bird activity in our area, visit our store.  





Purina Mills Livestock Feeds 

At The Country Store in Alexandria we work closely with Purina Mills Animal Nutrition today they offer hundreds of products for horses, cattle, goats, swine, poultry, rabbits, game animals, exotics and many more. In fact, if it walks, crawls, swims or flies then there is a good chance Purina Mills Animal Nutrition has a product designed to meet the animal's nutritional needs.

Stop in and see what Purina Mills Product is right for your needs.

In 2001, Purina Mills Animal Nutrition  was purchased by Land O'Lakes, Inc. out of Minneapolis,
Minnesota. However, Purina Mills Animal Nutrition marketing and research are still headquartered in Gray Summit, overlooking the rolling hills of the 1,188-acre Purina Animal Nutrition Center.




Minerals and Tubs

Form-A-Feed offers custom formulations, the Pro Ag Farmers Coop private label products and specialty products Form-A-Feed's/Pro Ag products focus on addressing herd health issues to improve operation productivity such as: going off feed, animal stress, environmental illness, change in forages, performance and production issues. 

As a well-diversified feed company, Form-A-Feed Livestock Production Specialist can address any farm health situation.  The goal of Pro Ag Farmers Coop is to bring the entire package to the farm, improving the animal's health throughout its life cycle by utilizing specialty feeding programs and well-designed specialty products. Contact us today @ 320.763.5445

Premium Wild Bird Feed


Bird seed Bulk or bagged fresh bird seed!! 


Premium Pet Food

The Counrty Store offers a wide selection of premium dry and canned foods for your canine or feline companion to choose from.  Check out our Grain Free formulas in different flavors, including organic and reduced calorie varieties. 

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Fromm Family


Pure Vita

Taste of the Wild

Born Free