Agronomy Division


Pro Ag carries many different kinds of fertilizer to feed your growing crops. Our 4 fertilizer plants (Brandon, Parkers Prairie, Clarissa & Henning) offer fast blending and load out. The Brandon, Parkers Prairie and Clarissa locations offer chemical impregnation for your preplant chemicals or fertilizer additives. We carry several different liquid fertilizers such as 28%, 10-34-0, 9-18-9 with options to get others if needed. The granular fertilizers we carry are Urea, Super U, DAP, Potash, AMS, K-Mag, MAP + Sulfur as well as several micro-nutrients.

We also carry bagged lawn & garden fertilizers, including phosphate free fertilizers for use on lakeshore property.

Fertilizer application services include:

  • Airflow (Regular & Variable Rate)
  • Topdress
  • Pull-type spreaders
  • Dry fertilizer delivery
  • Liquid fertilizer delivery

Locations and Contacts

Jason - Parkers Location (218) 338-6051

Jim - Brandon Location (320) 524-2286

Justin - Henning Location (218) 583-2947

Jared - Clarissa Location (218) 756-2112



Jim VonWahlde, Location Manager

Tim Bennett, Agronomist / Sales

Jason Jenks, Precision Ag Specialist / Agronomist / Sales

Doug Johnson, Agronomist

Ryan Lorsung, IT Coordinator / Lead Agronomy Bookkeeper

Blake Satterlie, Agronomist / Sales

Robin Curtis, Bookkeeper

Mitch Korkowski, Applicator / Shop Foreman

Seth Christianson, Applicator / Shop

Ariel Way, Applicator / Shop



Justin Newberg, Manager

Tom Anderson, Agonomist / Sales

Steven Springer, Applicator / Propane

Kyle McBrady, Applicator

Christy Fiskum, Office Manager


Parkers Prairie

Jason Moller, Agronomy Manager

Melissa Bercier, Seed Manager / Agronomist / Sales

Tim Larson, Applicator

Tony Witt, Applicator / Truck Driver

John Zimmerman, Applicator / Truck Driver

Connie Thoennes, Office Manager



Jared Hiebert, Agronomy Manager

Brian Denny, Agronomist/Sales

Steve Leiser, Agronomist/Sales

Marcus Meiners, Agronomist/Sales

Tim Ebnet, Precision Ag / Agronomist / Sales

Kathy Yates, Office Manager

Mitch Schumann, Applicator/Shop

Derek Schumann, Applicator/Shop

Ryan Hiebert, Applicator/Shop

David Sticha, Blending/Sales